Log cabin graphic from a photo taken by Dan Smith and used under the Creative Commons ShareAlike 2.5 license.

January 2010: Lorraine Kusior Charged by Missouri State Attorney General With 13 Felony Fraud Counts!

(See also Failure of the System).

The peaceful little town of Mansfield, Missouri (population 1,349) is best known as the place where Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote her famous "Little House on the Prairie " series of books.

Unfortunately, we've experienced Mansfield as the home of a much darker tale. And tragically, this story also involves children.

This is a story of abuse, crime, threats, manipulation, false allegations, justice denied and children left in harm's way. It is a story of lies told about us and people close to us. It's also a story of a system that, so far, has largely failed those it is supposed to protect.

This is our story. We are Virginia Thill and Jerry West.

Part 1: False Allegations

Part 2: Abuse

Part 3: Failure of the System

Part 4: From Here

The 60 or so pages of documentation we present here is only a small portion of the documentation we have from our experiences of the past 13 months. The total amount of documentation fills 3 file drawers.

For more about corruption of justice in the State of Missouri, see:

Misery Injustice by Ray Wolfe.


Virginia's Young Son Confesses

"Daddy and Grandma told me to say that about Jerry."

"About what?"

"About touching my private parts."

"And why did they tell you to say that?"

"To make him go to jail. And make him hurt."

This site includes official reports and personal testimony from:

  • Various Police Officers
  • Division of Family Services Agents
  • Physical, Mental & Psychological Health Professionals (e.g., Doctors, Nurse, Psychologists)
  • Glenna West
  • Anita Berry
  • Joe Dean Berry
  • Terry Jones
  • Jamie Lewis
  • Eddie Fulbright
  • Jeanie Fulbright
  • Virginia Thill
  • Jerry West

and others.

Truth is an absolute defense against charges of libel and slander.